A set of hand-sewn pocket notebooks featuring pencil drawings inspired by a vintage-style orangerie. Each design is handmade by the artist and sewn with a traditional bookbinding stitch.

The front of each notepad features a tiny sketch. To bring you that special touch of detail, the inside covers are also subtly illustrated with life-sized ladybirds to delight and surprise the curious.

No bigger than your hand, at A6 size, these neat little notebooks can be tucked safely away in a pocket ready for your next thought, memory or brilliant idea. The empty pages inside are a treat for doodlers and dreamers - they are made with smooth satin-finish paper, and are blank as new snow, so your imagination can be free to make its mark!

As a set of three, they make a lovely piece of keepsake stationery for ladies and gentleman who treasure the hand-written word.

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