A set of hand-sewn patterned notebooks decorated with vintage-style drawings of ocean creatures and sailing life. Each notebook design is handmade by the artist and sewn with a traditional bookbinding stitch.

A pattern of sketches in shades of navy and ocean blue adorn the front covers and, for that special touch of detail, the pattern is continued on the inside covers in a subtle greyscale.

At just under A5 size, with a combination of sixty lined and un-lined pages, this handmade notebook is ready for - well - just about anything you like! The lined pages will be home for your written notes, while the opposite pages are blank and ready to welcome your overflow of idle jottings. Words and pictures will live in harmony, making this a perfect for a project or creative plan.

As a set of three, they make a lovely piece of keepsake stationery for ladies and gentleman who treasure the hand-written word.

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